4 Health Conditions that Result from Poor Air Quality

Most residents of Bentonville, AR are shocked to learn that the air quality in their homes is two to five times worse than that of the outdoor air. Poor indoor air quality results from tight building envelopes, the activities you do every day and the products you use in your home. Exposure to air pollution can cause or worsen many different health conditions, including these four serious issues that could affect anyone in your household.

Asthma Attacks

According to Spare the Air, asthma attacks are a common result of exposure to poor air quality. Even if a person’s asthma has been under control, sudden exposure to more particulate matter may trigger an attack. Pollen, dust mites and pets are the most common indoor triggers of asthma attacks.

Respiratory Irritation

After short-term exposure to poor indoor air quality, people often develop respiratory irritation. Your eyes, nose and throat may feel itchy, raw, inflamed or sore. You may notice watery eyes, headache, coughing, a runny or stuffy nose or sinus pressure and pain.

Reduced Lung Function

Short-term and long-term exposure to poor air quality may reduce your lung function. You won’t be able to take in as much air when you breathe deeply. Your ability to expire air will also be reduced. This leads to low oxygenation of your blood, which may be a contributing factor to chronic headaches, heart disease and general pain.

Permanent Lung Damage

Poor air quality may cause permanent damage to a person’s lungs, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. This is more likely to happen if a person is exposed to moderate levels of particulate matter, radon and other air pollutants for a long period of time. Permanent lung damage makes you more likely to develop serious respiratory infections.

For more information about the health conditions that result from poor indoor air quality, take a look at Armor Heating and Air’s air purifiers, or contact us today.

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