Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Weird Noises?

Air conditioners typically create sounds when they are turned on and off. However, other noises are not a part of its normal operation, which might indicate problems in the unit. While a professional diagnosis is required to solve the potential issue, knowing why those noises occur could help you understand your system better. Our experts at Armor Heating & Air will educate you on why your A/C making weird noises and what to do to address them.

Lacks Proper Lubrication on Moving Parts

Your air conditioner in Bentonville, AR is composed of different moving parts that work together. If they lack lubrication, then your system won’t run smoothly, causing a grinding or humming sounds during the operation. It’s recommended to have your system’s moving parts lubricated regularly for effective and efficient cooling in your home.

Clogged and Bent Coil Fins

Coil fins that are clogged with debris can create annoying noise as the system runs. Remove the dirt by using a vacuum cleaner and a brush. Another problem is the bent coil fins that create humming sounds. Try inserting the fin comb’s teeth between the slide and coil fins to straighten the bent fins. If none of these tricks work, call an A/C repair company in Bentonville, AR for professional service.

Loose Crews Due to Vibration

Your air conditioner works the whole time, and along the process, it simultaneously vibrates. This vibration can cause the system’s screws to come loose over time. The mounting screws that hold your cooling system in place can be detached as well. Any of these situations can produce a rattling sound when your A/C puts out air. With a few turns of your screwdriver, this problem can be fixed.

Lacks Regular Maintenance

Compared to air conditioners that receive regular maintenance, systems that lack proper care can work roughly. You can notice it when your unit creates rattling or grinding sounds. It could be possible that the system’s part is damaged. Leaving the problem unfixed can result in costly repairs in the future. Schedule an A/C service in Bentonville, AR immediately. Now that you understand the reasons why your air conditioner works so loud, you probably know that an immediate fix is needed to avoid further damage in the system. Remember, any odd noise that can be heard during the system’s operation indicates problems. Be it big or small, your attention is required. Seek professional assistance, if necessary. Contact Armor Heating & Air if you need more A/C care tips or professional A/C services in Bentonville, AR. We will be happy to serve you!

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