3 Clever Ways To Camouflage Your Thermostat


3 Clever Ways To Camouflage Your Thermostat

Your thermostat plays a vital role for easy access and control of your heating and cooling system. While it’s true that this device helps to easily adjust the temperature inside your home, we can’t deny that thermostats are not much of a good house decor. At Armor Heating & Air, we understand your need to make your thermostat less of an eyesore without disrupting its proper operation. Here are 3 simple tricks to “camouflage” your thermostats.

Put a frame on it.

You can’t stop your thermostat from sticking out so instead worrying too much, why not just level up your creativity and put a frame around it. You can choose for brighter and catchier designs or you can match the color with the wall, whatever you do, it will surely be a work of modern art.
Decorate the surrounding area of the thermostat.

Make the thermostat look like part of your home’s decoration so that it won’t be much of an attention taker. One way to do this is to place art around it or put some home decor that will make it look like part of the furnishings. This will make your friends and families double-take as they pass through your newly renovated thermostat.

Put it on a shelf.

This will not just help hide your thermostat; you’re also turning the space around it more useful. By putting a stationary shelf, your thermostat will be easier to view and will not be a blot in your home’s design. You can also put some decor or store some things on the shelf. Whatever you do, it’s surely a win-win situation.

Even if hiding your thermostats sounds more like a fun idea, you should still make sure not to cover it completely. One thing you must consider in hiding your thermostat, it should still be functional and easy to access for control, maintenance and repair services.

Easy Thermostat Maintenance Tips

Check the cover and the base if still on their proper placement.
If you see visible dirt in and around the thermostat, clean it. Dirt can affect the thermostat’s performance.
Have a regular inspection for the presence of loose wire connections.

Tighten all the wire connections.

If you don’t have the proper knowledge and training when it comes to HVAC repair, get in touch with the professionals at Armor Heating & Air, your one-stop shop for all your HVAC installation, repair and maintenance needs in Northwest Arkansas.

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