Nothing warms you up faster on a cold winter’s evening than a well-functioning furnace. If you’re ready to upgrade your comfort, call in the experts at Armor Heating & Air LLC for a quality furnace installation.

Quality Furnace Installation & Replacement Services

New Furnace Systems

It’s no wonder that nearly 60 percent of households in Arkansas choose central-air furnace systems for home heating. With air blowing out of the registers at a toasty 120 degrees, they supply the kind of robust warmth that many families prefer. Recent innovations in HVAC technology make today’s furnaces an energy-efficient option as well.  We specialize in furnaces that improve your comfort while saving you money on utility bills. The following features conserve energy while helping to eliminate uncomfortable swings in temperature:

  • Modulating gas valves allow furnaces to use less fuel when heating demands are low.
  • Blowers equipped with variable-speed motors run at a slower speed when less heat is needed.
  • Advanced controls track furnace cycles and adjust operation to accommodate your preferences.

Professional Installation

The most advanced furnace in the world won’t keep you comfortable if improperly installed. For optimal operation, getting the size right is critical. An oversized furnace tends to cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy and impacting your comfort. Undersized furnaces don’t have the capacity to keep everyone warm and comfortable. At Armor Heating & Air LLC, we analyze every factor that influences heating system performance. We consider no furnace installation complete until we’re certain the system will operate effectively and efficiently over the long term.

Furnace Replacement Services

If you own an obsolete furnace model or one that needs extensive furnace repair, it’s time to consider a change. Replacing your old furnace with a high-efficiency unit can significantly reduce your energy expenses. Improperly maintained furnaces are good candidates for replacement too. Corroded components can allow carbon monoxide to infiltrate your environment, posing a serious health risk. For efficient operation, your furnace replacement needs the proper volume of airflow. If necessary, we can retrofit your ductwork to make sure it circulates warm air through your home without wasting energy.

What’s the greatest benefit that a new furnace offers? It’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everyone in your household will stay comfortably warm all winter. Trust Armor Heating & Air LLC for all the heating services you need to increase your comfort and decrease your energy expenses.

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