4 Benefits of Improving IAQ in Rogers, AR

enjoying improved IAQ

The easiest and most cost-effective way of improving indoor air quality is to decrease emissions from sources, such as gas stoves and cleaning chemicals. You can also improve a home’s ventilation system or use an advanced home air purification system. Here are the four main benefits of improving IAQ in Rogers, AR.

Reduce Allergens

Some of the symptoms of allergic reactions include sneezing, congestion, irritated eyes and itchy throat. Allergic reactions result from airborne particles, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, spores from biological contaminants, and volatile organic compounds.

The allergens float in the air and finally fall on surfaces. When you improve IAQ and remove these allergens, you breathe better and reduce cases of allergic reactions.

Keep Odors at Bay

Bad odors affect your moods, behaviors and even your dreams, while good smells can reduce stress and improve your mood. A working indoor air quality system can keep down levels of volatile organic compounds and other particles that cause the smell. Talk to our technician about the best filters for keeping odors and other particles out of your indoor air.

Balance the Humidity

If your home has too much humidity, it feels stuffy and breathing becomes difficult. The excess moisture can also contribute to the growth of biological contaminants and dust mites. It can also attract pests.

Homes that don’t have enough humidity can lead to irritated skin, nose bleeding, static shock and can also dry out your hair. To keep humidity balanced, you need a working HVAC system and possibly a humidifier in the winter and dehumidifier in the summer.

Reduce Energy Costs

When you improve indoor air quality, you improve your HVAC system’s airflow and ventilation and keep humidity balanced. All these steps optimize the efficiency of the HVAC system so that it doesn’t work too hard to keep your space comfortable. In turn, you save on energy bills.

Take the necessary steps to keep the air in your home healthy. Call Armor Heating & Air LLC for HVAC, heat pump, controls and thermostats and indoor air quality services in Rogers, AR.

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