4 Benefits of Upgrading to a Ductless AC in Rogers, AR

Ductless AC

The AC system that you select for your home in Rogers, AR will impact your home and your living experience in important ways. Now that the time has arrived to replace your AC system, it’s important to understand the benefits of possibly upgrading to a ductless AC. What can you expect if you choose a ductless system for your home?

1. Promotes Energy Efficiency

A ductless air conditioner enables you to choose which rooms you want to cool at a given time. It also has a variable-speed rather than a one- or two-speed condenser. These important factors make a ductless AC system more energy efficient than a central HVAC system.

2. Improves Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality has numerous immediate and long-term health impacts. These include headaches, fatigue, respiratory illness and more. By choosing a ductless air conditioner, you can enjoy the benefits of a cool, comfortable home without the downside of debris accumulating in the air ducts.

3. Low Maintenance Requirements

With both a central HVAC system and a ductless AC system, you’ll need to replace air filters, clean the air vents and take other basic steps to promote longevity and efficient operation. However, a ductless AC system does not have the same duct maintenance needs that a central HVAC system has.

4. Improved Comfort

With a ductless air conditioner, your home has several cooling zones. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature for the specific zone you are in. Because of this, you can conveniently adjust the temperature based on the zone that you are in to suit your preferences.

While there are several styles of home cooling systems available, you can see that a ductless AC system comes with impressive benefits that you understandably want to enjoy. Our technicians are available to answer all of your questions about the different types of systems that are available. To learn more about ductless AC systems and to schedule service for your home in Rogers, AR, contact us at Armor Heating & Air LLC today.

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