5 Problems Caused by Poor Ventilation This Holiday

Health hazards and other costly problems have caught many homeowners off guard during the holidays. With family gatherings and party preparations, homeowners tend to forget to ensure comfort and safety. Poor ventilation is one of the culprits of health hazards and discomfort. Here are the effects of poor ventilation in your home:

Low Oxygen Level

Inadequate ventilation can result in carbon dioxide buildup this holiday, and as the gas continuously accumulates, the oxygen level indoors is reduced. You’ll frequently experience difficulty when breathing, fatigue, or a headache when your home has a low oxygen level. Call the experts to assess your home and recommend products to achieve proper ventilation.


This problem is common during winter due to the dramatic difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Without proper ventilation, the moist buildup (as you take a shower, cook, dry clothes, and breathe) in your indoor air and cause condensation around your windows and walls. Merely wiping the water spots won’t fix this problem. Ask for assistance from your trusted local HVAC company for an immediate solution.

Mold Growth

When combined with poor ventilation, high humidity can result in mold growth around your walls, ceiling, floors, and even furniture. Its musty odor can cause health problems, such as cold-like symptoms and allergic reactions. So if you have family members or guests who have asthma, it is not ideal for them to stay in an environment with too much mold. But you can eliminate mold growth by installing a proper ventilation system.

Damaged Walls

High-level moisture in your indoor air can wrinkle and peel off the paint around your walls. Besides the apparent damage that this can give to your property, it can also lead to extra maintenance costs and health problems in the future. You don’t want to invite guests when you have an unpleasant-looking home, right?. So have all the damages fixed and install ventilators for long-term protection.

Musty Odor

Bad smell can linger around if your home lacks enough ventilation. It happens because there is no air movement to help eliminate the odor out of your home. It doesn’t only smell unpleasant for you and your guests, but it can also cause danger to your health, especially if you continuously breathe in harmful chemicals. To avoid long-term health complications, be sure to ventilate your home this winter. This holiday, make sure your home acquires proper ventilation to protect you, your family, and guests against potential health risks. When you need quality IAQ solutions for your home, our team at Armor Heating & Air is ready to help. Let us investigate your problems and recommend the best IAQ solution to restore your comfort and health. Call us today!

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