5 Ways to Keep Your Commercial HVAC System Operating Efficiently in Bentonville, AR

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Now that much cooler weather is here, it’s important to check the efficiency of your business’ HVAC system, so you’re prepared for the colder temperatures ahead. Here are five tips to enhance the HVAC system’s efficiency in your Bentonville, AR, commercial space.

1. Decide Whether You Need Maintenance, Repairs or a Replacement

A commercial HVAC system typically lasts 15 to 20 years, and its efficiency most often depends on its age. Whatever the age of your system, though, there’s no need to rush to the decision that replacement is the only solution. Fixing your HVAC’s issues might be possible with one visit from a trained technician.

We don’t recommend that you buy a new system without first having your current one inspected. Our maintenance service ensures that a technician will be checking your system periodically. And repairs often do fix common issues — even if your HVAC isn’t working at all.

2. Work Only With Insured Contractors

Insured contractors aren’t just protected from personal liability. They are also registered, receiving insurance only if they’re qualified to do the work they propose for your business.

Additionally, you won’t have to gamble on a contractor being unable to compensate you in the event of a costly mistake. Contractors’ insurance covers most errors by their technicians, which means the company will have the funds to remedy any damage you might incur. A contractor’s insurance should also cover you and them against the following:

  • Injuries at your work site: Slip and falls that workers endure shouldn’t be your liability when such workers are aware of their duties.
  • Damage to your property: A contractor might not care to offer repairs for damage they caused unless their insurer gets involved.
  • Challenges with installations: Installing the wrong appliance, in the wrong place or for the wrong reasons is professionally unacceptable.
  • Lawsuits they claim against you: Some cases are likely to resolve in your favor if your contractor must cooperate with their insurer’s policies.

3. Install a Smart Thermostat

The efficiency of your system depends on how you use it and when. Smart thermostats, which are wireless, internet connected and digital, automate HVAC settings for you. This type of automation lets temperatures rise or fall based on the presets you program.

Whether weekly or daily, you decide on the cycles, temps or powering on via automation. With a smart thermostat, your system can use a program to switch on before you arrive home. This ensures your comfort without the cost of your system being on all day.

4. Change Air Filters Regularly

Air filters improve air quality and are pivotal in maintaining proper airflow. The movement of air, which occurs via positive or negative pressure, is what keeps your air fresh. Clogged filters won’t let hot or cold air circulate properly.

Cleaning your filters today prepares them to adequately remove air particles later on. The less dust, spores and allergens that enter your space, the less strain your HVAC system must endure. Consider cleaning or changing your filters every three months.

5. Be More Conscious of Your Overall Use

Your HVAC efficiency is easy to maintain when you don’t neglect your system. Your objective, as you work toward steady efficiency, is to maintain your system in optimal running condition.

Sometimes, an open window achieves the same comfort that you might have thought you could only get from air conditioning. Tracking your monthly bills helps you to determine if your use is a little excessive or about right.

Sometimes, it takes an inspection to discover why a commercial HVAC system is lagging behind. Get in touch with our team at Armor Heating & Air LLC for effective services to boost your HVAC efficiency. We’ll be happy to help you return it to performing at its best.

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