6 HVAC Myths to Stop Believing Today in Bentonville, AR

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It’s vital to learn about your HVAC system to ensure that you take the necessary steps to keep the system running properly. Your heating and cooling system is an integral part of your Bentonville, AR home that helps to improve your comfort throughout the year. Read on to discover the most common HVAC myths or misconceptions and the truths behind them.

1. A Small Unit Will Save Money

A common HVAC myth is that buying a small unit will save money on utilities, assuming that it doesn’t consume much energy. The truth is that a smaller HVAC unit can increase your utility bills. A small unit tends to cycle more, which strains the system as it strives to heat or cool your home.

The best solution is to hire an HVAC professional to help with the proper sizing of the unit. The expert will measure the amount of space in your home, access your home needs and help choose the right HVAC size. An undersized HVAC system is unlikely to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs, and it might not attain the average lifespan.

2. You Can Wait to Repair Your HVAC

You risk reducing your HVAC’s efficiency and lifespan if you postpone minor repairs because they can quickly escalate to costly repairs and replacements. It’s advisable to hire a qualified HVAC technician to inspect and repair a heating and cooling system when you notice an unusual sign. Some of the signs that warrant immediate HVAC repairs include strange odors, loud and unusual noises, refrigerant leaks and weak airflow.

3. Change Filters Annually

Many people think that you only need to change the air filters annually, which isn’t true. It’s paramount to check air filters monthly and expect to change them every three months, depending on the usage and the area’s weather conditions. You may need to change or clean reusable air filters monthly if you have pets.

Besides taking care of the heating and cooling system, changing or cleaning filters often is vital to your health. Clean air filters ensure that fresh air circulates in your home, improving indoor air quality.

4. The Thermostat’s Location Doesn’t Matter

The truth is that your thermostat’s location can interfere with temperature readings. Placing the thermostat in the wrong location can give inaccurate readings, eventually increasing your utility bills. Also, inaccurate temperature readings damage your HVAC system and make your home uncomfortable.

The thermostat records inaccurate readings if it’s near a window or supply air register. When the sun shines on it, the thermostat records wrong readings and sends the wrong signals to your HVAC. Consult with an HVAC professional if you’re uncertain about where to place your thermostat.

5. You Can Size Your HVAC Based on Your Home Size Alone

The truth is that you’ll need to consider several other aspects besides your home size when sizing your HVAC. Some factors to consider are the size and number of windows, ventilation, square footage of the home, insulation, and orientation. It’s best to hire an HVAC technician to recommend the appropriate equipment size for your home’s comfort in order to avoid oversizing or under-sizing.

6. You Can Skip Routine Maintenance

Your HVAC system might function well without routine maintenance, but just for a few seasons. The system’s lifespan and efficiency depend on how well you maintain it. It’s not wise to wait until your HVAC system breaks down for you to call a technician.

Routine HVAC maintenance helps prevent the system from developing mechanical issues that can eventually cause a total system breakdown. Moreover, routine maintenance tunes-up the system to enhance its performance and save energy costs. Talk to an HVAC technician to schedule regular maintenance.

Avoid believing in the misconceptions above, and talk to an expert if you have questions about operating your HVAC system. Our goal is to keep your home comfortable and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Call the Armor Heating & Air LLC team today to schedule HVAC maintenance, repairs or installation appointments.

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