AC Tips: What Temperature to Leave a Vacant House in Summer


Summer is not over yet, and this gives everyone the opportunity to travel and enjoy the time away. However, getting outdoors involves a whole lot of planning and preparation to ensure your home stays safe even when you’re not around. One of the things you might ask is “Should I turn my unit off on vacation?” Our team at Armor Heating & Air will explain what you need to know.

Turning Off Your A/C Is Not a Good Idea

We suggest turning on your unit when you leave home for vacation. It’s important to note that air conditioners are designed not just to provide cooling, but also to control indoor humidity. The optimal humidity level in your home should be 50 percent. Exceeding this percentage can encourage mold spores and musty odors to form. Your cabinetry, flooring, and other wood-based furniture might get warped and your wall paint might peel. Therefore, turning off your air conditioner is a bad idea when you go out of town. But is this going to be an energy-efficient move? We’ll answer below!

How to Save Energy with Your A/C On?

The only thing that might bother when you turn on your unit while on vacation could be the cost that comes with it. Doesn’t it sound expensive and unreasonable to cool your home when you’re all out on a vacation? As mentioned earlier, turning your unit on can keep your home comfortable and moist-free. You don’t need to run your unit in full blast to achieve this. The truth is you can actually save energy with the help of a programmable thermostat. Simply set it between 80 to 85 degrees. While your A/C works, make sure also all windows, doors, and blinds are adequately closed to keep the cool in.

Don’t Let the Temperature Rise in Your Home

There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving in a house filled with heat and excessive humidity level. This is particularly true when you leave your unit off before heading for a trip. Don’t let this spoil the fun! Here at Armor Heating & Air, we want the best for your comfort and savings. Contact us, and we’ll help create an effective plan, recommend the best solution, and service for your unit before you leave for a summer getaway. Don’t forget to FOLLOW us on Instagram to get exclusive updates.

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