Breathe Easy With These Tips in Cleaning & Maintaining Your Humidifier


Using a humidifier during the chilly days of summer is a great trick to breathe easier and make your home more comfortable. It is a great fix for the comfort, health and interior issues that are caused by dry air. And as a smart homeowner, you know that proper maintenance of your humidifier is the key to your peace of mind.

Why Clean Your Humidifier?

Dirty air filters and reservoirs in your humidifier can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, putting your family’s health at stake. Dirty humidifiers can be a nightmare to people who have allergies and asthma. In fact, even among healthy people, humidifiers can possibly prompt flu-like symptoms and lung infections. Cleaning your humidifier regularly also spares your unit from early breakdown.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Humidifier

Use demineralized or distiller water.

The minerals in tap water can crease deposits inside the humidifier, which can promote the growth of bacteria. And when dispersed into the air, such minerals appear as a white specs of dirt or dust on your furniture. Also, you and your family may breathe in some of the minerals that are released into the air. A better choice is to use demineralized or distiller water because it contains lower minerals than tap water.

Change humidifier water regularly.

Don’t let deposits or film to develop inside your units. Be sure to empty your tanks, dry the surfaces and change the humidifier water every day, especially if you are using ultrasonic humidifiers and cool mist. When changing the water, be sure to unplug the system first.

Clean your unit every three days.

Remove any signs of film or mineral deposit from the tanks and other parts of your humidifier using a hydrogen peroxide solution, preferably 3 percent, which is available in your local pharmacies. Some HVAC manufactures recommend chlorine bleach in cleaning your humidifiers.

Rinse the tank after cleaning.

When you’re done cleaning your humidifier, be sure to rinse the tank in order to spare yourself and your family from airborne particles caused by the harmful chemicals in your unit.

Change the humidifier filters often.

If your humidifier comes with an air filter, it’s wise to change it regularly, preferably depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer, and more often when it is dirty. Also, don’t forget to change the filter in your heating and central air conditioning system regularly.

Keep the area around your units dry.

It is essential to keep the area around your humidifiers dry. If the area around your unit, including carpets, drapes, windows and tablecloths, get wet or damp, they can turn the humidifier down and reduce its efficiency.

Hire a professional HVAC technician.

A professional technician has a checklist of the crucial components of your humidifier, so he knows exactly what to do. Whether you need a minor fix, or major repair or maintenance job for your humidifier, a professional HVAC contractor can help. Breathe easy and enjoy peace of mind with these maintenance tips for your humidifier.

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