Can Pet Hair Damage My Air Conditioning System?

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The simplest answer to that is YES. You know how much your furry friends shed hair and dander which can get inside the ductwork and filter of your air conditioning system. It may look like a simple matter but it can truly affect your comfort and may cost you money for repairs and a high energy bill.

Pet Hair, Ductwork, and Filter

Your air conditioning system operates by sucking in unconditioned air from inside your home, cools it, and delivers it back to your home through the ducts. Along with the air that is taken into your system are the contaminants and particles such as dust, dirt and of course, pet hair and dander.

To prevent these particles from getting inside the system and be circulated again in your home, an air filter is placed in the airway. However, as pet hair and other particles gather, the filter gets clogged and hinder proper air flow. As a result, your A/C’s efficiency is reduced. Additionally, if the air filter gets clogged and dirty, it becomes less effective in trapping the particles. That is why dirt, pet dander, and hair can still find their way inside and through the system of ducts. These particles can either settle in this area or return to your home for you and your family to breathe.

How to Maintain Your A/C When You Have Pets

It is important that you clean or replace air filters regularly if you are living with your pets. Clogged air filters will only give you poor comfort and a high energy bill as it puts additional strain on your unit. Cleaning the duct is also needed to secure an indoor atmosphere that is free from the dangers of pet dander.

Bathe your pets frequently to remove loose hair and dander. Set a regular schedule for vacuum cleaning especially on the soft surfaces such as the carpets, rugs, and beddings.

If you have family members who are extremely allergic to dust, dirt and pet dander, your unit’s filter is not enough to secure their health. With this, an air purifier or air purification system can help. This removes dirt, pet dander and other particles in the air, giving you a safe and comfortable atmosphere inside.

If the accumulation of pet hair and other particles in your filter and air ducts causes your system to operate less efficiently, feel free to call the professionals at Armor Heating & Air. We’ll rid your home of unwanted contaminants right away!

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