Common Air Conditioning Problems In The Summer

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With the summer’s long hot days, your air conditioner has to work in full blast to make your home comfortable. However, A/C issues are inevitable during these times, especially to those systems that are inching closer to their retirement age. When your unit runs faulty, it can’t do its job well. Armor Heating & Air will give you a hint of when your A/C is not working at its best. Keep reading below.

Insufficient Cooling

It is frustrating when you know your system is fully operational but fails to cool your home. This could happen if your vents are closed. Closed vents prevent the conditioned air from getting into rooms. Another problem is a leaky refrigerant line, which affects your unit’s proper function. Schedule an A/C repair with Armor to fix the problem.

High Energy Consumption

Increasing power bills are the signs that your air conditioning system is not running in peak efficiency. One good reason for this is the dirt buildup on the unit’s coil and air filter that hinders the airflow and proper function of your unit. To keep your bills low and maintain your system’s efficiency, preventive maintenance is needed.

Strange Noise

Your A/C makes sounds when it’s turned on or off, but if you hear weird, loud noises, don’t ignore them. These noises could indicate that your unit needs a repair or an upgrade. Call your local contractor in Bentonville, AR for expert air conditioning services.

A/C Won’t Turn On

If your system doesn’t turn on, it could be caused by dirty evaporator coils and condenser lines, a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, clogged air filter, refrigerant leak, or loose electrical connection. Before you let it run in full blast in the summer, be sure to schedule an A/C tune-up in Bentonville, AR with the pros.

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat installed inside your home works with your cooling system. If it is old, broken, or low on a battery charge, your unit’s performance is also affected. While a failing A/C is sometimes only caused by the wrong temperature setting, having a faulty thermostat is another story. If it is on its last leg or damaged, replace it.   The last thing you would want to experience in the summer is a malfunctioning A/C. If you and your family want to stay comfortable throughout the hot months, then provide all the care your air conditioning unit needs. Contact us at Armor Heating & Air for all your cooling needs.

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