Do I Really Need a Spring Heat Pump Tune-Up in Cave Springs, AR?

heat pump maintenance

Your heat pump may have seen you through a few summers already here in Cave Springs, AR, and you’re probably thinking that it will continue to run efficiently without any maintenance. It would be unwise to think so. Below are four ways that annual, professional heat pump maintenance can benefit you.

It Honors Your Warranty

Manufacturer warranties typically have terms and conditions attached to them, including that they’ll become void if homeowners neglect to have a professional maintain their systems. With maintenance, though, you have coverage for many repair needs that arise in the future.

It Prevents Breakdowns

Whatever repairs that arise will tend to be minor in nature. Unless your heat pump has already reached the 15- or 20-year mark, maintenance can keep it from malfunctioning so badly that you have no cool air at all. You’re spared the more expensive repairs, then, and you won’t experience any discomfort during the summer.

It Heightens Cooling Performance

By addressing issues like dust-covered coils, loose electrical wires, faulty thermostats and clogged filters, a tune-up allows the heat pump to cool more efficiently. You won’t need to deal with lukewarm air or a short-cycling system.

It Lets the System Live Longer

You want to put off AC installation services for as long as possible, and maintenance helps with that. A well-maintained system incurs less wear and tear.

Trust Our Local Business

Armor Heating & Air LLC has a team of technicians who have undergone background checks, drug screening and the training required for NATE certification, so contact us today for HVAC maintenance services in Cave Springs, AR. Signing up for our maintenance plan gives you additional benefits like a 10% parts discount, priority scheduling and after-hours service at no extra charge.

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