HVAC Service Contracts: A Waste of Money?


For most homeowners in Bentonville, AR, a preventive HVAC maintenance has become essential since the unexpected breakdown and system inefficiency are becoming more frequent in the city. Many HVAC companies offer service contracts or maintenance agreements to save homeowners from surprise breakdown and high energy bill. While these contracts seem to offer exceptional benefits, they can also put your money into waste if not understood and performed well. Try to weigh the situation and see if these agreements are worth your investment or they are only a waste of cash.

What Is Included In HVAC Service Contracts?

Simply put, HVAC service contracts are the mutual agreements between homeowners and the HVAC company. Homeowners are obliged to pay the company for annually servicing of their HVAC system. Basic services will include tune-ups and inspection. Other offered contracts are flexible, and homeowners can customize the service if they want to add labor for the system parts. Ideally, service contracts have portions that entitle their customers to priority treatment. This means you can always acquire immediate service when your unit breaks down at the height of extreme temperature. While there are lots of helpful services to include in the contract, homeowners should balance their needs with their budget to avoid costly investment.

What Are The Benefits Of HVAC Service Contracts?

Buying a service contract will give you a chance to get a regular or annual tune-up as part of the offer. The designated technician will check and replace your air filter and spot other issues that could impact your system’s performance and efficiency. Professionals easily identify potential problems. They can make an early diagnosis to prevent these problems from bothering you in the future, and of course, save your system from damages that could cost thousands of dollars.

How Much Will You Spend for HVAC Service Contracts?

Depending on the number of services, these contracts typically cost between $150 and $500 per year. Newer units that are under manufacturer’s warranty may not cost much, but it is still best to have a routine check on them.

Are Service Contracts a Waste of Cash?

Whether or not you have had repair jobs, you should still get a service contract every year. For instance, you are paying $250 annually for a service contract and never had a chance to encounter major repairs for five years. Without a service contract, this amount will undoubtedly be higher if your unit has to undergo major repairs and multiple part replacements because the potential issues are not addressed and resolved earlier. Therefore, service contracts are not a waste of money only if you understand how to use it wisely. Talk to a reputable HVAC company to discuss your comfort options. Armor Heating & Air, LLC can help you determine the services to be included in the agreement and balance it with the cost you would like to spend. We have comprehensive plans available for homeowners in Bentonville, AR, and surrounding areas. Talk to us today!

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