3 Things to Consider When Thermostat Shopping in Bella Vista, AR

Your thermostat helps control the temperature in your home so you and your family are comfortable all year round in Bella Vista, AR. Thermostats aren’t one size fits all, however: they come in a variety of types with an array of features. In this article, we discuss the different things you should consider when thermostat shopping.

Choose a Model That Works With Your HVAC System

Before buying the first one you see, look over the wide range of options you have available to you, and learn a bit about your HVAC system. Different heating systems require different thermostats. While central heating and air is the most common system, your home might have something less common, like a heat pump that requires a different unit.

Consider Programmable

A programmable thermostat helps save money on your monthly energy bills by customizing the heating and cooling of your home. A programmable or smart model allows you to have set temperatures for different times of day. You can set it and forget it, an easy system that’s worth considering if your home is properly wired for it.

Other Thermostat Types

If programmable isn’t what you’re into or something you’re able to have installed, you can choose a standard digital control that makes temperature changes easy. A manual thermostat is similar but without the LCD screen for convenience. Lastly, a learning thermostat is a great option for those who want the newest technology: a programmable thermostat that learns your habits to program itself.

We’re proud to provide our customers with HVAC services of the highest quality. If you’re in the market for a new thermostat, we’re the ones for the job. Give us a call today at Armor Heating & Air LLC and ask us about our state-of-the-art smart thermostats!

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