Signs Your Heat Pump Has a Refrigerant Leak

Heat Pump Leak

Heat pumps are a popular heating choice of many homeowners in Bentonville, AR. Besides their ability to work as both heating and cooling system, they are also as efficient as their stand-alone counterparts. But to achieve this impressive performance, a proper refrigeration cycle is needed. Refrigeration is a process where the refrigerant is reversed to offer hot or cool air inside your home. This means if your heat pump has a refrigerant leak, it cannot provide the comfort you demand from it. To spot refrigerant leaks in your unit, be sure to check the signs below:

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Icing might appear on your unit’s evaporator coil if you have a refrigerant leak. Your evaporator coil is the one absorbing the heat but might lose this capability and freeze up if your heat pump is low on refrigerant. If you think removing the ice on your evaporator coil can solve the issue, think again. The best thing to do is to call your technician to find the root of the problem and repair it.

Liquid Drops Under the Unit

The dripping fluid under your unit indicates that you have a refrigerant leak. It happens because the refrigerant evaporates rapidly and if you think this is a normal part of the operation you are wrong. It can cause problems to your refrigerant system and worse, might harm the unit itself. Call your technician to fix the problem right away.

Strange Noises

Strange sounds from your heat pump signal an issue you need to address right away. For instance, a gurgling sound indicates a refrigerant leak in your unit. A leaking out refrigerant and a leaking in outside air create this odd noise that when left unchecked might eventually cause bigger issues. Immediately call your local technician to resolve this problem.

High Energy Consumption

Heat pumps with low refrigerant can work harder and might put too much strain to the vital components of the unit, particularly the compressor. As your unit doubles the effort to generate enough heat, it also consumes more energy to provide comfort to your living space. This undoubtedly results in a high energy bill. So be sure to schedule a service to fix the problem. Take note that your unit cannot work properly and you cannot achieve the right level of comfort when your refrigerant leaks. Be sure to avoid comfort issues by getting professional diagnosis and repair from Armor Heating & Air. Call us to know how!

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