What Happens When Your Home Has Dry Indoor Air

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The fall season is here, and you may find yourself busy preparing your home for the winter. You’re cleaning all your heater’s components, getting all the repairs done, or installing a new furnace. However, making your home comfortable in the winter should not just stop in prepping your heating system—you also need to humidify your home using quality IAQ solutions. And why?

Here’s what happens when you leave your indoor air dry in the cold months:

Breathing Difficulty

Dry indoor air can cause discomfort and unpleasant symptoms, including itchiness, irritation, and dryness to your nasal passages. These symptoms cannot create a painful feeling but might cause nose-bleeding when you’re vulnerable to dry air for an extended period. Start making your home a safe and comfortable space by humidifying your indoor air now.

Skin Problems

If your indoor air lacks humidity, your skin might start to dry out, causing flaking and itching. You’ll experience tightness around your joint, as well. Dry air also causes chapping of lips and painful cracks to the skin. Those who have skin issues like acne and eczema might worsen the problem if continuously exposed to dry indoor air. You can avoid any of these skin problems only by ensuring your home receives enough humidity.

Diseases Become Prevalent

Your respiratory system’s upper part includes the nose and throat that are lined with moist membranes. All these membranes trap viruses, bacteria, and dirt so that they won’t get into your lungs. If these membranes lose proper moisture, then they cannot perform their job. Be sure to keep the right amount of water in your air to reduce the risk of illness.

Damage Your Property

Dry air can damage your property and other objects inside it. Your musical instruments can lose their shape and tune. The paper objects like artworks and books can become warped, brittle, and wrinkled. Your wooden fixtures might bend and crack, as well. You can protect your valuables inside your home by adequately humidifying your air in the winter.

Looking For Quality IAQ Solutions in Bentonville, AR?

Keeping your home comfortable and safe this coming winter is not just about ensuring your heater works at its best. You also need to provide your home enough moisture to prevent diseases and other problems from happening.

Our IAQ specialists at Armor Heating & Air provide indoor air quality products and services you can rely on. Visit our IAQ page to learn more or contact us at 479-337-7152 to set your service appointment.

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