Where to Install the Thermostat in a Two-Story House


Single-story homes in Bentonville, AR tend to maintain the cool indoors easily. Just place the thermostat in the center of the house, and you will have a consistent cooling throughout the summer months. It’s not the same with two-story homes, though. You may have to follow proper thermostat placement to maintain the cool on both floors. Understand how to cool your two-story home by knowing where to install your thermostat… so keep reading.

Incorrect Thermostat Placement

So what happens when you install your thermostat in the wrong place? You may find it hard to cool your two-story home when you place your thermostat downstairs. Much of the heat may rise on your second floor and make the space warmer. But if you place the device upstairs, all the cool air will only stay there, and the downstairs and the rest of the house will feel a bit hotter.

Issues That Affect Your Thermostat

Your thermostat in Bentonville, AR takes the temperature in your space and responds to it. For this reason, it is essential for it to find a location where it does not encounter drastic temperature changes. Consider the tips below to know the right placement of your thermostat. Install your thermostat in a place that does not get direct heat from sunlight or any heat emitting appliances. Direct heat makes your thermostat think your home is incredibly hot. Keep your thermostat out of drafty areas as well. It makes it think your home is extremely cold. Cold air from your air vents can confuse your thermostat. Any of these scenarios can cause your thermostat to provide a false temperature reading. Don’t place your thermostat in your kitchen. It is a location of your home where higher temperature exists due to running hot appliances that can mislead your thermostat. Compared to other rooms of your home, your kitchen is also subject to more temperature drop, keeping your thermostat on and off and resulting in energy and money waste.

Best Place for a Thermostat in Your Two-Story House

The rule of the thumb to remember is that hot air normally rises and cool air sinks. So for your two-story home, your upstairs will feel warmer than the downstairs. For this reason, it is best to install your thermostat in the most central location. Placing it higher up on the ground floor will make it more central and ideal. Your hallway can be the best location as it delivers a better representation of your home’s average temperature. If you need more assistance on thermostat placement and installation in Bentonville, AR, allow our experts at Armor Heating & Air to handle your concerns. Call us to balance your two-story home’s temperature.

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