Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air in Heat Mode?

Heat Pump

Are you wondering why your heat pump blows cold air even in heat mode? Is this something you have to worry about or merely a part of the unit’s operation? Let us take a look at the three main reasons why your heat pump blows cold air in heat mode.

Your Unit Is Not Actually Blowing Cold Air

Sometimes, you might think that your heat pump blows cold air, but actually, it is not. It is just blowing an air that is cooler than your body’s temperature. Make sure to check your thermostat and adjust it according to your comfort demands. Then, check it again after 30 minutes. If your house gets warmer this time, then your unit definitely blows air that is colder than your body.

Your Unit Is In Defrost Mode

If your heat pump is in defrost mode, it might blow cold air from its vents. When the temperature steadily drops, your unit’s outdoor coil can become vulnerable to frosting. Your unit has to go through this mode to prevent your coils from freezing up completely. So when your indoor space gets colder, be sure to check your outdoor unit. If your fan stops from spinning and starts to produce a cloud of steam, it is in defrosting mode. But don’t worry, after several minutes of defrosting, the heat will kick in again.

Your Unit Has Serious a Problem

If your heat pump is not heating your home properly and it blows cold air for several minutes, you might have more serious issues that call for professional care. There could be a refrigerant leak or bad reversing valve. The reversing valve reverses the refrigerant flow and if this part becomes defective, your heating system might be stuck in the cooling mode. Freezing outdoor components of your unit is another reason why your heating system blows cold air. If your outdoor unit freezes up and cannot defrost after several minutes in defrosting mode, many things could cause it. Call your local technician to solve all these problems.

Get Back the Proper Function of Your Heat Pump Through Professional Repair

Although a heat pump comes with cooling capabilities, it can be bothersome if your unit frequently blows cold air in heat mode. Whether or not there is something wrong in your unit, it is best to call the professionals to identify the root of the issue. Our experts at Armor Heating & Air can help you address and solve this problem. Feel free to contact Armor Heating & Air if you experience this issue at home or if you have questions about your heat pump’s behavior.

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