Keep your cool when you discover you have a heating problem. There is nothing worse than discovering your heat isn’t working on a cold day. No matter what type of heating system you have, our technicians can get your heat back and running ensuring your comfort. We can provide you with suggestions on how to heat your home or business with increased efficiency. Contact Armor Electric Heating and Air for all your heating needs.​



Are you looking for a new HVAC system? Experiencing issues with the one you have? Are you looking for an upgrade? Or do you simply have questions and would like them to be answered? Let the experts at Armor Electric Heating and Air give you professional suggestions or perform a maintenance checkup. A yearly maintenance checkup is always suggested because it will extend the life of your system and make sure it is running efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills. Armor Electric Heating and Air can offer you competitive maintenance pricing and our technicians are trained to look for all possible problems and will clean your system as well. A well-tuned and clean system will provide you with peace of mind.



Feeling hot in the warm months? Is your AC cycling in and out too much? Have you noticed your power bills are getting higher? Is your AC making loud noises? Has it been over a year since your system was serviced? Let a technician from Armor Heating and Air perform a once over on your AC system and offer AC repair advice on how to make your AC work for you, not against your wallet. No one wants to be hot at home or at work. A well-functioning AC is important in creating a comfortable environment for your family and employees during the long, hot summer months. Let our technicians tell you about programmable thermostats and give you some tips on getting the most out of your cooling system while saving money.



Proper ventilation in a residence or business is important for health and productivity. Armor Heating and Air can offer you some ventilation tips and make sure you are not breathing in stale air. Just doing simple tasks such as changing your filter every couple of months can keep your system running to the best of its ability and make sure you are not breathing in recycled dust and dander. Armor Electric Heating and Air can clean your system ensuring there is no dirt buildup that could cause long term problems both for your system and your health.